Interior Design Course Reviews

Yukiko Mizoguchi


This course has been a journey to discover not only my vast knowledge of Interior Design but also what I wish and who I am.

To be honest, a person like me, who came from a different work industry with no previous interior design-related knowledge, was tough to keep up with. However, my firm and long-dreamed passion for becoming an interior designer overcame the obstacles in front of me.

Also, I would like to say a special thank you to my tutor, Wendi, who has been very supportive and kind in a professional manner. The student support team was always lovely and prompt to reply and act whenever I needed their help. Without both of their service, I could have never been able to finish this course.

I strongly recommend this course to all who have a passion for interior design but be prepared for a lot of work ahead. Enjoy learning this beautiful interior design course with great stuff!

Mayuko Sakurada


I am highly recommending this interior design course for anyone who is interested in interior design or thinks they want to start their own business.

I chose this course because I am thinking about starting my own business and want to learn more about design, even though I have already graduated from interior design school in Tokyo. After having finished this course, I feel more confident about interior design.

It takes a lot to be an interior designer; you are required to have knowledge of current trends, color, architecture, and much more. So, you can learn about the history of design and visual languages. This knowledge is linked with creating a design for space and décor. There are 12 modules in total, and each module requires the creation of some design and a written analysis of that design.

Moreover, you can learn about how to work with clients and how to start your own business or work at a company. This course was easy to learn from, and for the last module, you will learn how to make a portfolio. Also, the portfolio you made can be used for your business or to apply for work at a company.

During this course, I felt comfortable that I was able to contact my tutor or student support anytime when I had some questions. Also, I appreciate that I got feedback on each module from my tutor. It was very helpful in improving my interior design knowledge.

I am excited to continue learning and improving my skills and, hopefully, start my own business soon. Thank you so much for your help, IDI and Ms. Snyder!


Bernard Wesley Human

Sapporo, Hokkaido

During my time at IDI, I gained the skills and confidence to take on my passion for interior design to the next level.

This course provided me with a great balance of history and knowledge with real-world practical assignments. This has given me the confidence to offer my advice and services to my friends and family.

It has been a good challenge and a lot of fun learning and putting together my first design portfolio. They have been with me every step of the way, offering support and feedback.

Thanks, IDI, for an amazing learning experience and for expanding my knowledge and skills!


Erika Oikawa


This course gave me a passion for Interior Design so much.

There was a lot of information that I didn’t know before, that steadily guided me to the right point. Every module was very useful and well arranged. I could learn the basics of interior design firstly, then get into the practical assignments.

The more I completed the modules, the more I was into this course.

Other things I liked about this course were the tutors and support staff. I could get really nice advice from my personal tutor for every module, and that gave me the motivation I needed for the course. Also, the support staff were very helpful and quickly responded when I had a question or problem.

I thoroughly enjoyed this wonderful course and really appreciated the feedback of my tutor and support from the IDI staff. Thank you very much for giving me the chance to be one of your Graduates!

Yuki Someya


I thoroughly enjoyed the course. Taking the course has been the best way to learn about the basics of interior design.

You will learn all about interior design history, how to visually express and write about interior images, how to draft architectural drawings and One-Point Perspective drawings, how to choose color tones and how to make Mood Boards. All this and more is learnt through the 12 modules.

If you are not fluent in English, you can easily understand all the modules as they are written in a simple and clear manner. Informative pictures and figures are also included.

Saeko Keller

Washington, USA

Learning Interior Design had been always my dream but I had never made it happen. The Interior Design Institute made it come true!

The course is affordable and flexible, and you can extend the period if needed, which was perfect for me because I have a full-time job and children.

Support Staff and my tutor always responded to my questions quickly, and I was very happy with that.

I think it’s a very good place to start learning about Interior Design, as the course covers architectural history to practical knowledge. They give you assignments to work on a project for each module, and these were very helpful to learn!

Edward Andrew Skeel

Tochigi City

I had always enjoyed technical drawing at school but chose a different path in university. I decided that it was not too late to change my career direction, but needed something I could study while working full-time. The Interior Design Institute offered a course that covered many aspects of the fundamentals of design, the development process you have to go through when formulating ideas, dealing with clients and also gave me the opportunity to pick-up my drawing skills again.

There are parts of the course that I was a complete novice to, especially with respect to the business element. Any problems I had, or questions that arose, were answered helpfully by tutors and student support. It doesn’t feel like you are being handed a ton of information and then left in the dark to complete your studies. Help and encouragement are there when you need it.

The module where you are given the chance to work with a client to simulate a real designer experience was, for me, the best part of the course and one from which I did gain real “hands-on” experience. The early module about discussing different styles and buildings also raised my interest in architecture too. I recommend this course to people who want a broad idea of what goes into Interior Design, as well as concentrated studies offered by their advanced courses.

The wisest man chooses his own direction (and it is never too late to change it).

Maya Kawai


Now, we are starting to learn 'The Interior Design Institute' as a key program for our company. My mission is to spread this program to our company. So, I'm studying this program with these members.

The Interior Design Institute taught me so much! Not only do the modules teach you everything there is to know about Interior Design, it goes a step further and teaches you about the business aspect of Interior Design.

My experience with The Interior Design Institute was truly rewarding!

Hiroko Matsuoka


I was able to gain knowledge whilst also having fun with this course.

Throughout the learning process, I was able to view lots of photos and diagrams, which made it easy to understand.

The course has provided me with a wide range of knowledge from the characteristics of materials to design principles.

Not only did I learn about the methods of interior design, I was able to learn about setting up an interior design business and advertising myself as an interior designer.

Stephen John Prosser

Waikanae, New Zealand

Having recently purchased my first home which was in need of 'sprucing up' I decided to go online for ideas and inspiration. During my research, I came across The Interior Design Institute and was instantly hooked!

I had not studied for over twenty years and was a little hesitant at first. However, after reading the prospectus, I felt at ease with the fact I could study and learn at my own pace – more importantly, I was able to study something that was going to be of personal interest, and I could put into practice what I was learning pretty much straight away.

The modules were varied, informative and very user-friendly. My tutor was fantastic, extremely helpful and on hand to provide advice and guidance as I needed it.

I had often considered a career in Interior Design but always thought it was either too hard to get into or really didn’t know where to start. My confidence and skills have increased immensely since studying for this Diploma, and I have a new outlook on the future – not to mention my house, which is now looking pretty fantastic!

I would definitely recommend this course to those decorating or renovating a property and those looking for a career in Interior Design.

Since completing the course, I have started an Interior Design company on the Kapiti Coast – SPINC Interior Design. I am starting off small, making contacts and fitting this sideline business in with my current commitments; however, my dreams and aspirations definitely have a new focus.

Thank you, IDI, for making it possible for me to get to this stage.

Hitoshi Murayama


I had an excellent experience completing this course and met excellent tutors in this class.

I really enjoyed the course and highly recommend this as it has given me motivation to continue studying English and well as trying something new.

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